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Calendar for Interpreted Performances by Karl and Jan

Royal Exchange

Posted by Karl Llorca on Monday, September 10, 2012 Under: Karl Llorca: Interpreted Performances
23/11/12 see's me interpreting the performance of Orpheus Descending, that Williams' classic...

In a small town in the Deep South of America nothing ever seems to change.

That is, until one day, a charismatic young drifter appears with a snakeskin jacket and a guitar. Like a fox in a hen coop, this wild eyed boy tears up the prejudices and certainties of the town, igniting the passion of Lady Torrance, who for years has been trapped in a loveless marriage. But their freedom and love is too much for such a narrow-minded community…

This major revival of Tennessee Williams’ classic drama about the power of imagination and love in the face of conformity, stars Imogen Stubbs and is directed by Sarah Frankcom, whose recent award-winning successes at the Exchange include PUNK ROCK, A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE, BEAUTIFUL THING, and MISS JULIE.

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